8 Relationship Resolutions to Make in the New Year

New year, new resolutions, right? While you’re writing out your list, don’t forget to consider how you can strengthen your relationship!

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From spending more time together to being more open and honest, here are eight relationship resolutions you and your partner should definitely make this year.

10 Thoughtful Ways to Thank Your Parents

If you're at all like me, then your parents have played a major part in your life and you owe them the world. They've been with you every step of the way from attending every high school sporting event to seeing you off to college and, in my case, helping me move to a different state for my college internship.

Needless to say, it only feels right to thank them for helping me get to this major milestone: my wedding day. I want to take the opportunity to remind them that they no matter what, they will always be just as important to me.

Just in time for Mother's Day and Father's Day, here are a few sentimental gestures to show Mom and Dad just how much they mean to you:

Before the Wedding

1. While registering, your mother might have mentioned what she would register for if she could do it again today. Take her up on that hint and surprise her with whatever it was she was wishing for. She'll love it!

On The Big Day

2. You'll be showered with gifts and special gestures all day — pay it forward for those closest to you! A hand-embroidered handkerchief with a special message is a lovely (and useful) gift, as is a special piece of jewelry, such as a necklace or cufflinks.

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Grooms Reveal What They're Really Thinking At The Altar

This article originally appeared on The Huffington Post

While some couples make it a point to see each other before the ceremony on the Big Day, the moment they see each other at the altar is extremely special. But what exactly is going on in the groom's head during that nerve-wracking, emotional moment?

This question was posed to the Reddit community Wednesday by user excuses_that_I_know. She wrote, "My partner and I are getting married later this year, and I'm so nervous that he'll hate the dress, ceremony, or worse, have second thoughts and may think of running far, far away. What did you think when you first saw your bride?"

Dozens of Redditors revealed what they were thinking when their brides appeared at the end of the aisle. Read some of the best responses below; then, tell us in the comments: What did you think when you first saw your bride?

Cheat Sheet for Tipping Wedding Vendors

Guest blogger: Allison Silber, founder and creative director for Engaged & Inspired is a wedding publication for crafty brides who strive to fill their wedding day with loads of personality. The team of real brides post about the highs and lows of wedding planning and what it takes to pull off their big day. Aside from running Engaged & Inspired, Allison also offers planning and design services to the Carmel Valley area.

Tipping is supposed to act as a reward, so you don't need to consider it a mandatory expense. Tips are meant to be given for excellent service or for vendors who go above and beyond their contracted duties. Before dishing out gratuity, check your contracts. Some vendors, especially venues and catering companies, will include it in their contract to help eliminate confusion.

Here is a complete guide to which vendors you should tip (and how much!) on your wedding day.

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Inside the January/February 2022 Issue

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