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We Are a Bali Wedding Planner, Specializing in Villa Weddings.

We are a well-known Bali wedding planner with decades of experience. Every day, we plan and execute custom private weddings and receptions at some of Bali’s finest villas. With our help, you can be sure your wedding will come to life exactly how you dreamed it.

With our all-inclusive Bali wedding package, we handle all of your wedding needs, including the venue, accommodations, refreshments, lighting, audio, and photography. We work with our clients to customize every detail of the wedding so that everything turns out perfectly. 

If you’re looking for Bali wedding venue options, you can’t go wrong with our wide range of villas. Whether you want privacy and seclusion or beautiful beaches, we’re sure we can find the perfect villa for your wedding. 

Bali Wedding Beach Front Villa:

Bali is known around the world for its amazing white sandy beaches, and as a Bali wedding planner, many of our clients ask for locations on the water. The beach doesn’t just offer sun, sand, and surf, but also a beautiful backdrop for your perfect wedding day. We have several villas to choose from, all located right on the sand. Read more…

Bali Wedding Cliff Top Villa:

Offering stunning panoramic views of Bali’s west coast, our luxury clifftop villas have been the setting for some of the island’s most memorable marriage ceremonies. Set high over the Indian Ocean, the sunsets seen from the cliff tops are often dramatic and add a unique ambience to your ceremony and reception. The villas are secluded, which makes for a perfect Bali private wedding. Read more…

Our huge selection of villas is our pride as a Bali wedding planner. We carefully curate the villas we offer so that we can ensure our Bali wedding events are a success. For more details on our villas, please contact us today. 

Together, we will plan your dream wedding and make it real!